Wed 21 Aug 2019

FYFA filming took place in Finland

Football juniors’ thoughts about alcohol were recorded on video in Finland on 6th August 2019 as part of FYFA project. The aim of the videos is to engage young people, who are involved in sports, in the European debate on alcohol policy and to help in the planning of education.

Scottish film production company Media Education has conducted 12 video interviews in three countries during the spring and summer of 2019. The film shoots took place in Scotland, Poland and now in Finland. Filmmakers Ania and Aonghus worked on a one-to-one basis with young people to capture their opinions and thoughts on alcohol and sport. Then as a team, the group filmed creative cutaways to visually support their stories.  

It was a great pleasure and fun to work with all the young people. They were all wonderful and we’ve learnt a lot from them during the process. It’s always a privilege to be trusted by others to capture their stories. I think the young people also had fun, especially when we were all running around football pitches trying to film their best goals and tricks in slow motion!
says Ania.  
The Finnish young people involved were from FC Honka juniors in Espoo. The 14-year-old football players were certain that sports and alcohol do not belong together. Interviewees had big dreams and goals and they saw that underage drinking would harm their sport careers.

The video project as part of FYFA is run by SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems).


co-funded by health programme

co-funded by health programme

co-funded by Scottish Government

Co-funded by the Scottish Government

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