Fri 05 Jul 2019

Do alcohol and sports always go together? What is your message to young people as a coach or as a parent?

FYFA-PROJECT asks these questions to Helsinki Cup participants

Helsinki Cup is one of Europe's largest football tournaments for children and young people. From 8th to 13th of July, 1366 teams from 20 countries will participate in the tournament. Since 1976, Helsinki Cup has been the highlight of summer for football girls and boys in Finland. The event underlines the role of football in promoting the well-being of children and adolescents as well as in commonality.

This year, the FYFA project challenges players, coaches and other sports club stakeholders, parents and fans to reflect the relationship between football and alcohol. The Helsinki Cup tournament book contains a project announcement that encourages sports clubs to take actions to protect children from alcohol-related harm. The event attracts 250,000 visitors. Hopefully, the message arouses thoughts and discussions for new sports clubs’ policies.

The president of the Helsinki Cup is Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland. He has served as a chairman of the Finnish Football Association in 2009-2012.

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co-funded by health programme

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